To provide Lasting Value for Modern People is what lies at the core of servimex.

We offer a broad range of top European design and quality furniture, home textiles and home accessories products at competitive prices. Our in-house design team ensures that our products are trendy, innovative and functional.

This strategy is in line with the core values of our Swiss heritage and the proven 90-year long history of the Schneidinger Group.

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In the 1920s, Switzerland began its development from a relatively poor European state into one of the wealthiest countries in the world. During this transition, two brothers, Willy and Dagobert Schneidinger, recognized that people could devote more energy and time to their families, jobs and life in general if their home was a well-organized and harmonious place. And so the story of the Schneidinger Group began…

The family-run enterprise started out small, producing fashionable and high-quality fabrics for people’s homes. Over the decades it grew to become one of the leading home textile companies in Switzerland. Throughout its history, the company has been providing people with superior products to make the home a stylish and well-organized retreat where they can gather energy for their busy lives.

Now that China is undergoing one of the most fast-paced transformations in the history of mankind, we are excited to offer our 90 years of expertise in making one’s home a better place. We offer our European style home decoration and furnishing solutions to everybody who desires a stylish and peaceful home. At servimex we strongly believe that a home that is well organized allows its residents to have more energy, time and passion to live a truly happy and successful life.

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